MASS GAINER – 2Kg/4.4lb (Chocolate)


  • The Protein Specialist Mass Gainer is specially formulated for those who need extra calories and those who need to gain body mass in preparation for rigorous training. Getting those extra calories from your diet is a big struggle.
  • Superior blend of 3 Protein Sources for gaining size and muscle.
  • Each serving provides complete set of Vitamin – B complex along with minerals to support energy production and metabolism.
  • Features Maltodextrin, as a fast absorbing carbohydrates to provide energy and glycogen replenishment.

MASS GAINER offers you an easy and delicious way to consume extra calories. Over 1000 calories and 60 grams of protein can be taken daily to meet your needs. MASS GAINER supplies a combination of fast acting proteins for day time and slow acting proteins for night while you sleep.The extra calories from Mass gainer help you to recover from the strenuous training you undergo. Quick recovery between work outs is as important as the training itself.

Who should Consume:

  • Looking for Appropriate muscle gain.
  • For Weight Lifters.
  • For people looking for weight gain.


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