About Us

Our Story

NATCON is amongst the top nutritional supplement manufacturing companies in the world today with 34 years of rich history into Innovative Nutraceutical. Equipped with Highly qualified Professional team of Doctors , Nutritionist and health care professional in our Research & Development department, Natcon offers Custom Manufacturing Solution with nutritional Natural supplements for our valued customers. Manufacturing facilities at Natcon is proud of being one of the best in the nutritional supplement Industry producing specialty nutritional supplements backed up with 3D’s Discover, Develop and Deliver. Production at Natcon is laced with latest & superior facilities where Technology merges with the Nature, an innovative concept.

Manufacturing facilities at Natcon is always available for Companies & Organization who associate with us as Strategic Partner based on their individual Business purposes. Our Professional services are available right from designing a product, help picking up & the formula using suitable raw material ingredients. Our R&D team would do the testing and related analysis to reach a finally tested product to be manufactured for your specific business needs. We are flexible in providing Labeling , Licensing & all related solutions taking care of your business interests.

About Us​

To excel everyday is our mantra and that has been the major strength of the Team at Natcon. The rich experience of 34 years, in Nutraceuticals an industry of nutritional natural supplements gives an edge over the big players in the field. Natcon has been able to achieve what was achieved by others in the industry in half the period.

Qualified team of Doctors, chemists & specialists in pharmacy at Natcon provide services to our valued customers as per their specific & customized needs. Be it private label needs or formulating the product specifications, finding natural supplement ingredients to match the desirable quality of the final product under strict quality control managed by professionals, Natcon makes it available to all in easy & efficient ways.

Manufacturing capacity at Natcon is excellent & huge, it can even cater to high value Billion Dollar customers as well as (startup) customers who have average business volumes. Natcon offers make pure business sense for those who look for an efficient & effective solution, saving costs and hassles of managing such a sophisticated manufacturing setup. Managing vendors & the supplies, quality standards and timely delivery is the commitment that Natcon gives to it’s business clients making a perfect business model.

Quality Counts​

Natcon’s 34 years of journey has been remarkable as it built up the reputation for being Safe and Quality manufacturing which matches the benchmark of Good International Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and also the applicable guidelines from the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP). At Natcon we believe in stringent manufacturing regulations, that takes care of high level of hazard safety for our workers as well as insures the Top quality Safe & Tested products being delivered as finished goods for the Users. We have adopted a future-oriented solutions and continually improve our production processes using the power of the latest technologies.

Quality Assurance and Control​

Natcon operates with quality standards and processes to ensure that products are completely safe and that the contents of the every bottle accurately reflect the ingredients on the label.

  • Our-in-house laboratory is equipped with sophisticated instrumentation and manned by highly qualified scientists and technicians.
  • Highly trained quality assurance specialists conduct quality inspections, environmental monitoring, and cGMP compliance training; and oversee final product releases and documentation control.
  • All materials, including ingredients, bottles, capsules, cotton, desiccant, packaging and labels are inspected for quality prior to release from quarantine.
  • Analytical testing is completed numerous times throughout the manufacturing process to ensure safety and effectiveness, and the material or product is not released for the next production step until it has passed testing.

We use laboratory tests to simulate the body’s internal environments and ensure the supplement will be properly absorbed, thus maximizing product benefits.