VITAL ENERGY DIETARY SUPPLEMENT FOR MEN, 3 Vegetarian Tablets Designed to avoid age-related diseases in Men by replenishing all required nutritions for good health. Helps you to avoid age-related issues and regain the energy level in the body
  • Vital Energy loaded with ENZAQ Green Lipped Mussel extracts, which is the best source of mucopolysaccharides. It is in embryonic form making it easily digestible and highly bio-active.
  • The Role of Mucopolysaccharides is the body is to producing and maintaining the fluid between the Joints (Synovial fluid) and age-reversing due to hydrating the cells in the body.
  • It also useful for the heart is inflammation-free coronary arteries, which prevents blockages.
  • It also contains Multi-vitamins: (A, B complex, D & E) and Multi-minerals and traces elements from the Sea for overall health, energy, and vitality.