Sports Fit Pack

Joint, Bones & Muscles

A super performance enhancer

Sports Fit Pack is an Energy-packed Formula for aspiring Champions and sports enthusiasts.

MRP: 1995.00

60 capsules

  • Start experiencing greater flexibility in your joints and relief from any pain caused by strenuous workouts.
  • You will also notice that the recovery time from heavy workouts is improved a lot.
  • Well-researched and scientifically validated natural ingredients.
  • Free delivery.
  • Shipment in 3- 5 days after receipt of your order.

Recommended Dosage: 4 capsules

With Breakfast: Take one capsule each from the GLX 5- ETA and GLX Omega-3.
With Dinner: Take one capsule each from GLX 5 – ETA and GLX Omega-3.

Note: To be on top of your fitness goal and to excel in your sports or in your regular workout, regularity in taking the recommended dosage is imperative.

Building muscles, excelling in sports and athletics are strength and skill development activities. Strictly speaking, they cannot be classified as fitness promoting activities. Ideally, for an all-round development, pursuing fitness is a must.

Consuming proteins is beneficial for muscles and building strength. But joints and bones, which play critical roles, cannot be overlooked, which can suffer injuries. Such injuries are serious and can hamper your efforts and disrupt your routine.

To nourish your joints and bones as well as support your efforts to develop strength, endurance and quick recovery after intense workouts, we have developed a super product, which we call ‘Sports Fit Pack’ (SFP).

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How does Sports Fit Pack support Sports and body-building activities?

Sports Fit Pack (SFP), as the name suggests, is an essential support kit for sportsmen, athletes, and body builders. In muscle building or sporting activities, the pressure is severe on your joints such as knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists etc. They are all synovial joints. Body builders and sportsmen regularly take proteins, which serve to maintain the integrity of muscles. Ignoring the role of robust joints and bones can lead to injuries and disruptions.


It is made from a super food called Green Lipped Mussel extract (GLM), which is imported from New Zealand. Nature has packed in this Super Food an amazing spectrum of nutrients listed below:

  1. Glycosaminoglycans in embryonic form, making it easy for digestion and absorption: It lubricates the joint and protects the cartilages, nourishes them, provides shock absorbing capacity.
  2. Bio-active collagen: specific protein for the integrity of cartilages.
  3. Full spectrum of Marine minerals: Helps in bone integrity.
  4. Natural Vitamins: Support the body functions and boost energy levels0
  5. All the 10 essential amino acids.
  6. Marine Poly Unsaturated fatty acids: with a spectrum of 5 Omega 3 essential fatty acids. They help in restoring stability of the immune system.

GLX Omega

Intensive workout triggers immune response in the form of inflammation. Inflammation of tissues degrades their functions. Inflammation can trigger several dysfunctions in the body. EPA and DHA in GLX Omega have powerful anti-inflammatory properties; they can pacify the inflammation easily.

Protection from FAKE products

We supply Sports Fit Pack directly from our factory to you, without any intermediaries, to ensure the genuineness of the product.

Quality Assurance

Our factory is GMP and ISO certified.

No Questions Asked Return Policy

If, for an impossible and an unlikely reason, you are not satisfied with Sports Fit Pack, you can return the unused product for a full refund. The following regulations govern the return policy:

  1. The bottle seals must not be tampered, damaged or defaced.
  2. If you are returning the product due to damage during shipment, please contact our customer care team for a free replacement.
  3. Unused products must be shipped within 30 days from the date of the invoice.
  4. The invoice copy should accompany the return shipment.
  5. Shipping and handling costs are non-refundable.

NOTE: Refunding process may sometime get delayed due to several reasons beyond our control.

Return Shipment Procedure

If the outer box has not been opened, please write ‘REFUSED’ on the outside of the package and drop it in the mail or return it to the post office.

If you have opened the box, then you must bear the cost of returning it. Please pack the product properly to avoid transit damage. If you need help with your return, please call our customer care team for assistance.

Additional Information

For more information on our product and the processes we follow to ensure purity and quality, please visit our website.

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