Immuno Booster


FOR IMMUNITY AND ENDURANCE, 30 vegetarian tablets
This Nutritional Supplement is designed to enhance the natural guard of the body. Supports strengthening the immune system. Your vital defense against bacteria & viruses.

  • Support in energy & stamina, controls fatigue.
  • For frequent cough and cold.
  • For frequent infections.
  • Vegetarian, plant based formulas, all vitamins & minerals derived from plants.
  • Safe for long term use, without any synthetic ingredients or side effects.
  • IMMUNO BOOSTER is made from herbal extracts of highest ratio to ensure the maximum efficacy of the herb.
  • The inclusion of all the Vitamins and Minerals, not only makes our formulation distinctive and unique, but also enhances the efficacy of our formulation.
  • Increases the number of white blood cells, which fight infections.
  • It boosts the phagocytic immune system
  • Can prevent free radical DNA damage


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