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We will enhance your image with a new paradigm of Health & Fitness.
You will represent a range of cutting-edge products.

Our profit-sharing strategy is to help you make as much money as you want to.

Know about us

NATCON BIOLIFE is part of a multi-national group of companies operating in Hong Kong and the USA. We have over thirty years of experience in formulating and manufacturing cutting-edge products.

We have developed expertise in the following areas of health:

  1. Sports Nutrition
  2. Functional Supplements
  3. Generic Supplements
  4. Food for special dietary usage.

The ingredients we use in our products are unique and scientifically validated. We source them from all over the world.

GLM, the  Key Ingredient in our Products, Undergoes Rigorous Scrutiny for Quality and Standardization

Green Lipped Mussel (Perna Canaliculus) is lyophilized to preserve its nutrients. The New Zealand Government imposes exacting standards for cultivating Green Lipped Mussels. In addition, reputed agencies such as MAF, NZFSA, USFDA and EU certify the quality of GLM, which we use in our nutraceutical formulations.

Our manufacturing unit has obtained certifications from FSSAI, GMP and ISO.


We have designed our affiliate relationship on a mutually rewarding concept. The details are as under:

  1. We pay commissions weekly.
  2. Affiliate accounts are transparent; verifiable at any time.
  3. Simple and tastefully created sales support materials.
  4. We have created a common platform on our website where you can review the interaction of your team members.
  5. Products are shipped within 72 hours of receiving the orders.


In appreciation of the extensive network you have brought to us, we have evolved a richly rewarding system for you. The details are below:

  1. You will earn a commission of 25% on the sale price of the product you sell.
  2. Upon achieving a sale of  30 products within 90 days, you will get an additional bonus of 30% of the total commission you have earned.
  3. Your customer can avail of a 20% discount on the MRP by using your affiliate code.
  4. Through our transparent system, you can track the sales of your network.
  5. We will credit your account every Monday with the commission you earned during the preceding week.


  1. We offer customized diet plans for your customers.
  2. We can recommend a customized mix of products for the individual need of your customers.
  3. For our direct customers, we will use your expertise to offer a customized exercise regimen.
  4. We protect your customers from adulteration by shipping the products directly from our factory.



will revolutionize the way people do training and sports activities

  • Sports Fit Pack provides essential flexibility to the joints, enhancing athletic performance. It contains lyophilized Green Lipped Mussel extract from New Zealand, which is known for its effectiveness in maintaining healthy Joints, Bones and muscles.
  • Sports Fit Pack helps fill the joint cavity with synovial fluid, the viscosity of which provides shock-bearing strength during strenuous workouts.
  • Sports Fit Pack helps in quick recovery from heavy workouts.
  • Sports Fit Pack has a vast array of essential nutrients such as a rare omega 3 ETA, 19 amino acids, natural vitamins and minerals.
  • The nutrients in Sports Fit Pack boost your stamina and endurance.

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